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Tampa Bay Real Estate Agents

The Tampa real estate partners of Sterling Remer and Grant Patterson embody proven success and youthful vision-truly the best of both worlds. Together, Sterling and Grant have a wide range of experiences and skills that will undoubtedly benefit both buyers and sellers.

Sterling and Grant's respective knowledge of the Tampa Bay area forms a unique outlook on all this market has to offer. Sterling relocated to Tampa in 2002 with her family, whereas Grant is a Tampa native. Their native and "having been relocated" perspectives allow them to provide their clients with extensive first hand knowledge of this city while still maintaining an objective and understanding viewpoint of the many different neighborhoods that make up the Tampa Bay area. The combination of these differing perspectives allows Sterling and Grant to comprehend and effectively assist clients with their real estate needs.

Upon meeting with Sterling and Grant their passion for real estate is immediately evident, but their passion is just one of the many ways this team distinguishes itself from the rest. Diverse professional backgrounds further exemplify their strengths. Sterling previously worked as a real estate paralegal and Human Resource executive, bringing a high level of professionalism to each transaction. Grant's background in finance, automotive sales, and television production afforded him opportunities to hone skills that easily translate to the real estate industry. He is new to the real estate world, but his youthful zeal will certainly help him excel.

Sterling and Grant are well equipped to help their clients with any real estate objective. Blending sound experience with "now" generation enthusiasm creates an optimal mixture of knowledge to best help their clients in this competitive marketplace. Sterling and Grant are committed to doing whatever it takes to exceed their clients' expectations.

"Sterling service to Grant spectacular results"